फोन बहुत हैंग होता है? - सिर्फ करे ये खास सेटिंग

 Smartphone users often have problems, the biggest problem being Hang.  Despite having more RAM and better processor, the phone often hangs.  In such a situation, users have to go to a shop or store to solve this problem.  If your phone hangs frequently, here are some tricks you can use to get rid of it at home.

The first step in preventing the phone from hanging is to have at least a few apps.  Applications should be kept in the phone only as needed, as some extra and unnecessary apps get loaded in the phone, and this leads to phone hang, which also takes a toll on the battery, RAM and processor.

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 What is wrong with your phone, everything will be visible in this app

 How to fix phone hanging

 To do this, go to your phone's Google Play Store

 Then click on the three dots in it

 After clicking on it, go to Settings and click on Auto Update option

 After this three options will appear.  From this you have to click on not auto update app

 Doing so won't automatically update the apps on your phone, it will only happen if you do, and will prevent the phone from hanging.

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 Another way to prevent phone from hanging

 For this you have to go to the setting of the mobile.

 After going to Settings, click on About Phone

 Now you will see the Build Number.  Click on it 6-7 times

 On clicking, go to Developer option and turn it on

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 As soon as you turn on the Developer option, many options will open in front of you.

 From these options, turn off all three Window Animation Zoom, Transition Animation Scale, Animator Duration Scale.

 Doing this will prevent the phone from hanging

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