Ambalal Patel predicts : ગુજરાતમાં ફરી માવઠાની આગાહી, અંબાલાલ પટેલે તારીખો સાથે વિસ્તાર વાઈઝ આગાહી કરી

Ambalal Patel predicts: After scorching heat, the state is seeing cloudy weather for the last five days.  At that time, weather expert Ambalal Patel has predicted that there will be a change in the weather of Gujarat in the month of April itself and it will rain.

Predictions of Ambalal Patel

Meteorologist Ambalal Patel predicts the weather of Gujarat and says that cloudy weather will be seen in the state till 7th.  The maximum temperature is likely to increase from April 9.  Along with this, he said that there is a possibility of temperature rise of four degrees in many parts of central Gujarat.

Big change from 12th to 18th

He further said that some parts of the country will see a big change from 12th to 18th.  Monsoon activity will start due to this reversal.  Because of this, there is a possibility of rioting in some parts of the country including Gujarat.  In many parts of Gujarat, there may be some rain, some slow rain and some splash

Ambalal Patel said that, during April 12 to 18, parts of East Gujarat, Panchmahal, Ahmedabad, Sabarkantha and parts of Central Gujarat are likely to experience thunderstorms.

Along with this, Ambalal Patel has also predicted a change in the weather.  In which he said that there is a possibility of weather reversal in parts of Surat, Kutch, North Saurashtra (Ambalal Patel predicts).  Many parts of the state are likely to experience some rain, some wind and some sprinkles.

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