लकड़ी की आवाज में बात करें ||

 Calling experience like never before with MagicCall App - The Voice Changer App

 Change your voice in real time and have fun with friends.

Take the fun to the next level with background voice on the MagicCall App.  Use raining noise, happy birthday background, traffic noise and music concert background when talking to friends on call.

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 Learn about the MagicCall App

 Features of MagicCall App - Voice Changer during Call

 1. Enjoy real-time Voice Changer on Calls.  Use Female Voice Changer, Kid Voice Changer, Cartoon Voice Changer etc.

 2. Switch between voices during a call

 3. Earn FREE Credits on First Time Registration

 4. Test Your Voice Before Making a Call

 5. The Cheapest Way to Make Funny Calls

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 6. Play sound like kiss, clap, etc during call

 7. New voice now available in the app

 - Dream Girl Voice (Change Voice Like Dreamgirl)

 Talk in different voices in MagicCall App

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 There are many voices in MagicCall App like female voice changer, cartoon voice changer, male voice changer etc.  Using this app you can:

 1. Change Voice to Female

 2. Change voice to male

 3. Talk like a cartoon

 4. Select Normal Voice option to make a normal call

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 How to make calls using MagicCall App ko

 • Choose a voice.  Example - male, female and cartoon etc.  Or select a background.  Example - Happy Birthday, Traffic, Raining Background, Music Concert.

 • Select a contact or dial a number

 • Start your MagicCall

 • After the call is connected, Voice Changer will convert your voice to the selected voice.  And after that, you can have fun listening to your friend's hilarious reactions and reactions.

Click here to download MagicCall Voice Changer App

 Click here to download Voice Changer in Call App

 Watch & Win with the MagicCall App

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 - Create unique links and share with friends

 - Every time your friend downloads the app you will get a scratch card

 - Win exciting cash prizes with scratch cards

 - You can pay or purchase credits for the MagicCall App

 Enjoy making fun calls with the MagicCall Voice Changer App on Call.  Give yourself a chance to be a fool again.


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