WhatsAppથી પૈસા કેવી રીતે કમાવવા? || How to make money from WhatsApp?

 How to make money from WhatsApp?

Today, whatever he sees lags behind in making money from the internet. Although there are many ways to make money online, but people choose the way they are interested and confident but very few people know how to make money from WhatsApp?

Well, you don't know anything, but after reading this post today, you will understand all the ways by which we can make money using it.

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In today's world, smartphones are in everyone's hands. One will now see that there are 2 smartphones. How is it possible to have a smartphone and have WhatsApp?

Money is the same where there is a crowd. This is the principle of the internet, the more crowds there are, the more revenue you will get. If you belong to different types of groups, then you can earn good money by adopting the following methods.

Blogging brings traffic from organic by creating content in the YouTube channel. But if you’re thinking you don’t have some kind of platform from where you can reach the crowd, you’re wrong. You have WhatsApp and countless people who use it.

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If you are not connected to a group, then join all the groups you will get, then use the methods below. In a few days you will start earning good money. To know these ways, if you don't have patience anymore, let's find out how to make money from whatsapp yourself.

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How to make money from WhatsApp?

Needless to say, WhatsApp is an instant messaging application that everyone uses to communicate with their friends and relatives. In a few years this app has collected its coin all over the world.

No one can deny his presence. There are very few people running this app, but the whole world is using it.

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Through this application, if any human number is with us, we can interact with it. Text messages, calls and video calls are ways to communicate in this application.

Other than that, the biggest feature of this app is that by creating a special group in it, you can connect with and communicate with the people you want. That is, when you leave a message there, everyone in the group will be able to read that message.

It becomes a little special because of the WhatsApp group. This feature gives us many opportunities to make money through WhatsApp.

But ultimately, how to use it and make money from it. In this, you have to do a little work. Same thing here, if you want to make money in this, you have to do a little bit of work and that too with dedication.

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8 Best Ways to Make Money from WhatsApp

If you want to earn some money using this app too, then there are some important things you should already have. A smartphone, internet connection and a WhatsApp application.

After this you have to connect to many groups in this. For your information, let me know that a limited number of members can be added to each group.

Let us now learn about all the ways you can make good money using WhatsApp:

Ways to make money from WhatsApp:

Affiliate marketing

PPD network

Application promotion

Link shortened

Referral system

Blog and channel paid

Online coaching

Reseller business

What if you want people to make money from mobile phone apps? So you read our post.

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1. Affiliate Marketing:

We have already written an article about what affiliate marketing is and how to make money from it, which you can read and get detailed information about it.

It is a very popular and highest earning method nowadays. You may not believe it, but big bloggers depend on it.

Many companies offer affiliate marketing. Most e-commerce sites offer an ancillary service.

Their ultimate goal is to sell more products on their site. If someone sells the goods, then giving some profit to the affiliate is not a big deal.

In this, people get paid only when the products are sold and paid for successfully.

YouTuber and Blogger use many affiliate networks and earn millions of rupees a month. But there is no need for a person who runs a YouTube channel and has a website to work only through an affiliate network.

If you have the means to reach people, you can also make money. The most important thing is to reach out to these people.

If someone likes a product you provide and goes to your website with your affiliate link and buys this product or another product, you get a commission for it.

These commissions vary depending on the product. 1 to 10% is paid as commission.

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2. PPD network

There was a time when we had to ask others to use songs, movies and software. Because not everyone can download it.

Today we use 4G internet all day long. Everyone wants to download and watch songs, movies, documents, PDFs on their own.

PPD means pay per download. PPD Network is a platform that pays for any type of file when downloaded.

You can upload any type of file by registering in it. After that, its link can be reached to the people.

If people like the content you upload, they download it and you get paid again for each download.

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3. App promotion

Nowadays, a lot of Android apps are launched on a daily basis. To get quick success, these people campaign in many ad networks.

Apart from this it is also hard on other platforms to promote itself. Blogger YouTuber is his favorite for promoting apps. But other platforms from which they get maximum downloads, they do not want to lose anywhere from them.

For this reason, they also turn to social media networks. They know that a person who has a lot of followers, if he reaches people on an app through his profile, he can also get a lot of downloads from there.

Today there are many social networking websites that people use every day. Their users are such that they are always online.

If you continue your mobile internet, then you get that notification every time you update anything from there.

This is the reason why even in WhatsApp, people with followers in many groups are given the opportunity to promote the app.

Using the app's referral link, it's given to people and they pay based on each download.

We have explained in detail what Rozdhan is and how to make money from it through a post.

This is an app from which I have earned 8000 rupees myself. Even today, I get good money from this app every day and there are many such apps available in the market that get traffic to promote themselves.

This is the reason why users who are active on WhatsApp are able to reach people easily, this is a good opportunity for them to make money.

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4. Link short

You must have noticed in the URL address of your browser that the links of many websites are too long.

This sounds pretty weird whenever you have to share these links. In such a situation, there is a platform from where these long links can be shortened.

We know such a platform by the name of Link Shortener website. If we talk, there are many websites that convert large links into smaller links.

The most important thing is that there are many such shortener websites that also pay for clicking small links to share.

This is because when you cut and click on a link, then you go to that link shortener's website, then you will be sent to its actual website.

Due to which, the shareholder will have to pay the money.

Nowadays, linkshortner is very much in discussion. Even if you have a lot of short links and you get 1000 views in total, you still earn good money.

With this type of website, you get 1 $ - 6 for 1000 views.

GPlink is a website that gives you a thousand views. Now the question arises how do you make money from it. Before this, we have told you all the ways to earn from each type of WhatsApp, you share the link.

You shorten those links by taking them to a shortening website and then sharing them. This way you earn from two platforms simultaneously.

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5. Referral system

You must have heard the name of the referral system. Nowadays whoever launches the application, this system has definitely been implemented.

The main reason for this is that the app is increasingly installed in mobile devices. For this, some referral amount is also determined, through which the referrer gets money.

But speaking of which, I earn from the app every day, I also earn through the referral system.

Apart from this you must have heard the names of Phone Pay, Google Pay and other recharge websites. Those who pay good money to refer you can have from 50 to 150 dollars.

Apart from this you will also find many such apps on the internet which you are paid to mention. If you use this app, you have a lot of contacts, you can tell them brother install this app, in return you will get a few bucks.

This method is quite simple and you do not have to work hard for it, you just have to establish yourself with friends and relatives, in return you get paid for referrals.

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6. Paid Promotion

When a person starts a YouTube channel based on their talent or starts writing a well-written blog, their first goal is to bring maximum traffic.

Making money is not a big deal when it comes to traffic, but initially when working on a blog or YouTube channel, then there are no visitors to that channel or blog at that time.

For which he is looking for an alternative, one of which is to share the URL of a website post in a WhatsApp group and a link to a video from a YouTube channel.

According to Google, traffic to a post from a social media site is considered good for ranking.

If a website doesn't have a post rank right now and some visitors come from social media, that's the only advantage for it. That's why you can earn money by promoting a link to a video of such a website or YouTube channel in WhatsApp groups.

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7. Online coaching

If you have a very good knowledge in any subject, then you can form your own group and teach it to other interested people as a course there.

I myself have seen a group in which boys are taught to design logos and in this way the teacher who gets paid gets paid.

In WhatsApp, you can create many types of groups and by adding people to those groups, you can also create courses according to their interests.

For this, you can charge them some money which they will not hesitate to give.

People who go online mostly get courses from a teacher from where they can get cheap premium courses and they can also work as professionals in the future.

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8. Reseller business

If you have ever heard of Facebook Marketplace, you know what a reseller business is.

There are many platforms that connect people to sell their products, who can create their products online for a large number of people and sell their products.

Those in the middle do retail business. The most important thing about this is that to do this business, you don’t even have to put a single rupee. If you have a smartphone, you can start working today.

You can take the help of WhatsApp in this as you have a lot of people connected to WhatsApp.

You can share a link image of any product in the WhatsApp group after adding your profit.

People who like this product will buy from it. You don’t need any kind of work here, as the platform that is delivered delivers it to the person who buys it. This way you will get profit.

It is spreading very fast in the form of business as you can add profit to your favorites.

A platform that allows people to sell content in it at wholesale rates, then you can make your profit by adding to your profit and selling at other prices.

If I want to give an example of this type of business, the best example for you is Misho.

Another special thing is that those who are housewives and are at home, they get a lot of time after finishing housework in which they can resell the business.

There are many housewives who are coming down from 20 to 25000 dollars today because of this business. So why are you behind, you too can start selling business from today.

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