Smart Meter Protest:ગુજરાતમાં સ્માર્ટ મીટરના વિરોધ વચ્ચે મોટા સમાચાર, હવે અહીં લગાવાશે મીટર

Smart Meter Protest: Big news regarding pilot project of smart meter, smart meters will be installed in government offices, meters will be installed in government offices after residential area, attempt to remove misunderstanding after protest in residential area

Ahmedabad News: A decision has been taken to install smart electricity meters on an experimental basis in Gujarat.  But these meters are proving to be a mother's pain for people.  In the beginning, there is a widespread complaint that people are getting high electricity bills.  The electricity consumption bill of the house used to be around two thousand for two months.  It is felt that he has completed more than one thousand recharges in 15 days.  So, after installation of smart electricity meter, it has been said that a smart way has been adopted to lighten the pockets of electricity consumers.  Due to this, it has been protested in many cities of Gujarat.  At that time, important news has come out regarding the pilot project of smart meters.

Smart meters will be installed in government offices

A big decision has been taken under the pilot project of smart meters that smart meters will now be installed in government offices.  Smart meters will be installed in government offices after residential areas.  After the ongoing protests against smart meters, an exercise to install smart meters in government offices has been undertaken.  After the protest in the residential area, efforts have been made to remove the misunderstanding.  Smart meters will be installed in government offices to clear the misconceptions of the general public.

There was a break in the installation of smart meters in Vadodara

MGVCL has finally put a brake on installing smart meters in Vadodara after huge protests against smart meters.  A temporary decision has been taken by the system after people's protest that money is being deducted indiscriminately.  The complainant will be informed about the fact by installing a check meter there.  At the same time, smart meters will be installed in the societies and offices that tell from the front.

What is the ultimate smart meter?  Why is it being opposed?

The work of installing smart meters in smart cities has started.  But even before the project is fully implemented, opposition has started.  It has been claimed that more bills are coming from smart meters, then the opposition has warned that if smart meters are introduced, we will launch a fierce agitation.  People have alleged that these smart meters installed in 15 thousand houses in Vadodara are getting more bills and due to this noise, the citizens made a fierce protest.  A large number of women went to the Housing Board office and created a ruckus.  People are alleging that the bills in smart meters are higher compared to the earlier meters.  It has also been alleged that even after recharging the balance comes low.  People have to suffer when the power supply suddenly stops at home.  Locals have opposed the smart meters installed in Vadodara, but now the opposition has also entered the fray.

Is the smart meter that is now being so fiercely opposed finally?

What is the difference between a smart meter and the simple meters we currently have in our homes?  So, in a simple meter the bill is to be paid after the consumption of electricity.  Electricity can be used after paying in advance in the smart meter.  An employee used to come for bill reading in a simple meter.  A smart meter will not require bill ringing, in a simple meter one had to go to pay the money when the bill came.  A smart meter has to be recharged first, in a simple meter the exact daily consumption cannot be known.  Daily electricity consumption can be known in smart meter.

In a simple meter, even if the bill was paid late, the electricity would continue, but in a smart meter, the electricity would go off as soon as it was recharged, electricity could be stolen in a simple meter.  But smart meters will make electricity theft a thing of the past, simple meters would not require a smart phone.  A smart phone will be mandatory in a smart meter, with a simple meter a common man would not face any problem in paying the bill

Smart meters will ensure proper use of electricity

A smart meter will create few problems for the common man.  People claim that smart meters make electricity cheaper.  People claim that smart meters make electricity more expensive, simple meters claim that electricity is wasted.  Smart meters will ensure proper use of electricity.

It is worth mentioning that the government has a plan to convert all simple meters into smart meters by the year 2025.  The government claims that smart meters will stop the earlier power theft and benefit the government's exchequer.  This money can be used for other schemes for the countrymen.

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