Monsoon 2024: ગુજરાતમાં ક્યારથી શરૂ થશે ચોમાસું? સારૂ રહેશે કે ખરાબ, અંબાલાલ પટેલે કરી એક નવી જ વાત

Ther Forecast: A terrifying forecast has been made by the Meteorological Department regarding the heat.  On the election day, there will be scorching heat in Gujarat.  yes

Heat will increase in Gujarat in the next five days.  Yesterday Ahmedabad recorded 39.2 degrees, Gandhinagar 38.6 degrees.  Today the temperature will be 41 degrees in Ahmedabad and 40 degrees in Gandhinagar.  Bhavnagar Amreli winds are blowing from northwest direction.  The temperature in Ahmedabad is likely to be 41 to 42 degrees tomorrow.  Gandhinagar temperature is likely to be around 40 degrees.  Surat, Saurashtra, Rajkot are expected to have a temperature of 39 to 40 degrees.  The temperature will be 40 to 41 degrees in Bhuj.  2 to 4 in the afternoon will be the hottest.  Heatwave forecast in Porbandar, Surat, Bhavnagar, Diu, Bhavnagar, Surat today.  A yellow alert has been given in Ahmedabad for the next three days.

Ambalal Patel, a well-known meteorologist and forecaster of Gujarat, has predicted the monsoon.  Forecaster Ambalal Patel has assessed the monsoon situation in Gujarat this year, predicting that the monsoon will be very good in the state this year.  After making a prediction about the weather and monsoon, he has informed that the monsoon will be good and in the right direction this year in the state.

Weather expert Ambalal Patel predicted that pre-monsoon activity may occur even in the beginning of May.  From May 5-6, there will be reheat in Gujarat.  Voting for the Lok Sabha elections is also going to be held in Gujarat these days.  After this, premonsoon activity is likely to continue between May 10 to 14 with heavy thunderstorms.  After that, the heat will increase again from May 20.  After this there will be premonsoon activity again from May 24-25.  In which there will be rain with thunderstorms between May 24 and June 4.

Ambalal Patel has predicted a good monsoon this year, with rain expected till October.  He has predicted that this year the monsoon will be good as the wind is towards the west, this year there will be rain with thunderstorms in June this year.  Monsoon will begin from June and rains are expected to fall in the state till October.

As per Ambalal Patel's forecast, rains with cyclonic storm may occur in north and central Gujarat between May 10 and 14.  After a change in the weather between May 10 and 14, the heat will increase again after May 20.  So the temperature is predicted to go up to 44 degrees in parts of North Gujarat.  Thus, extreme heat and unseasonal rain have been predicted in the state for the next 20 days.  However, from June 7, there will be rain again as the winds change in Sagar.  There is a possibility of rain with thunderstorm from 8th to 14th June.  After June 17, there will be rain with heavy thunderstorm.  If there is rain in Sravana Panchak in Jeth Vad, there is a possibility of good rain.  After this, monsoon will enter Gujarat.

Voting for the Lok Sabha elections in Gujarat is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, May 7.  The heat is going to rise in Gujarat between the polls.  There is a new tension on the polling day in Gujarat.  Because, the Meteorological Department has declared yellow alert in Gujarat on this day.  Especially in the city of Ahmedabad, the heat is going to rise on the polling day.  Abhimanyu Chauhan, a scientist of the Meteorological Department, predicted that it will be extremely hot in Ahmedabad at the time of voting.  Ahmedabad will be hotter on May 7 at the time of polling than other districts of Gujarat.  Ahmedabad will record a temperature of 42 degrees on May 7.  So even in Gandhinagar the temperature can be 42 degrees

The Meteorological Department has predicted the heat and said that the state will have dry weather for the next 5 days.  However, the temperature will increase by 2 degrees in North Gujarat.  Heatwave forecast in coastal area in Saurashtra Kutch Div today.  Also, heatwave is predicted in Surat.  5 days heat wave forecast in Diu from tomorrow Monday.  Heatwave is likely in Porbandar and Bhavnagar on May 6 and 7.  So on May 7 Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar temperature will be 42 degrees.  A heatwave is forecast at Porbandar and Bhavnagar in Diu coastal area on May 7.  At present, there is cloudy weather in many places in Gujarat due to cyclonic circulation.  However, there is no chance of rain at present.  Severe heat is predicted in Gujarat.

The countdown to the Lok Sabha elections in Gujarat has now started in hours.  The weather department has predicted that the temperature in Ahmedabad will reach 43 degrees when polling is on May 7.  So it will be imperative for voters to vote before noon.  Afternoon will have to bake in scorching heat.  With summer comes heatwave alert.  Heatwaves are so deadly that people lose their lives.  An interesting survey has been done on how deadly a heatwave is.  For the first time detailed information on the effects of heatwaves and heat stress has been obtained.  In which the expert gave such a solution that the risk of life increases by 14.7 percent due to heat wave for two consecutive days.

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